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From: Eirikur Hallgrimsson (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 19:00:40 PDT

> Has anyone in the FoRK network ever actually tried to hook up 127 USB devices to say...a Compaq notebook? I realize this exercise would probably involve about 34 miles of USB cable, but I'm just wondering if the marketing hyperbole lives up to the reality.

Ooo. Then you could have the laptop generate MIDI data, played by
one of the USB gizmos as audio, processed by another USB DSP gizmo,
back into the computer to generate visuals, back out again as video
over USB. Gee, I'm not very creative tonight. We need USB <> SCSI,
USB <> fibrechannel, USB <> Ethernet, USB <> X10 and a USB birdfeeder
into this somehow.

I'd like to try this as a performance art project, like my maximum
chain of those stupid little MIDI processors in strange loops with
mergers. Heck, I should try that again. I haven't gotten rid of
most of the hardware.

My fantasy brings up the point of failure in CDMA networks. They
aren't really designed for streaming data to and fro and back again,
where you can wind up with a large number of simultaneous
transmissions. You would clog clunky old 10-speed Ether this way.
I suppose gigabit Ether would probably work pretty well unless your
streams were HDTV video. Still, it's a single choke-point for your
entire system.


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