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From: Sally Khudairi (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 05:42:00 PDT

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jacki DeCoster
                (415) 908-1734


First Open Source Information Workflow Management Application

SAN FRANCISCO -- May 3 , 2000 -- Collab.Net, a leading provider of
collaborative services for emerging open source software markets, today
announced that development of an open source work flow management system
has begun on Collab.Net's sourceXchange.

The new system, sponsored by Galactic Marketing, a full-service incentive
marketing firm, is designed to streamline a company's internal processes,
and will consist of both a workflow server and a user interface. The
revolutionary project is being developed, by Michael Roberts of Vivtek, on
CollabNet's sourceXchange marketplace. sourceXchange is the premier,
collaborative exchange for financing and managing open source software
development over the Internet.

This workflow system enables users to efficiently share and manage
information across an entire organization, including: assigning complex
tasks, routing information, tracking project milestones and confirming

Using standard Web browser and e-mail clients, as well as other industry
standards and open source technologies, customers can access the system
from anywhere.

"Open source allows companies without a large internal development staff to
utilize the experienced, worldwide community of high quality programmers to
break new ground with exciting products," said Anthony O'Krongly, vice
president of information technology for Galactic Marketing Incentives,
Inc. "With sourceXchange, Collab.Net has created an environment and set of
services that gave us access to a superior set of developers, and is
ensuring cost effective, rapid development of our application. Collab.Net
is the world leader in managing open source projects from inception to
completion and we are finding every aspect of the relationship not only
exceptional, but also eye-opening."

"Collab.Net sees the open source model as the catalyst for a fundamental
shift in the way software is developed, and the way companies have to think
about their specific business and markets," said Bill Portelli, president
and CEO of Collab.Net. "Having Galactic Marketing participate in the
sourceXchange process is a clear indicator that this evolution is occurring
and that the benefits of open source development are extending from just
the technology industry into more commercial environments."

sourceXchange Uses Open Source Community Processes
The sourceXchange marketplace allows open source developers to match their
expertise to committed buyers with well-defined, financially backed open
source projects. sourceXchange integrates the best practices learned from
many years of experience in open source software development projects. By
design, it facilitates the same type of community input that goes into
successful open source projects. Launched in December 1999, sourceXchange
currently has over 6,000 total registrations with over 1,400 active

Another key open source concept embedded in sourceXchange is Peer
Review. Each project has a Peer Reviewer assigned to give important
feedback and guidance through the open source process from other developers
experienced in a specific area. In addition the Peer Review process
provides an objective third-party to review the developed code and ensure
that it meets the project specifications.

sourceXchange is an interactive Web application that guides both the
sponsors and the developers through the process. Key features include:
on-line guidelines and templates for generating sponsor RFPs, context
sensitive help, searchable RFP listings and discussion forums, secure
access levels for the sponsor and developer teams, formal project
management with milestones and deliverables, and the ability for
international developers to participate in the sourceXchange process.

About Collab.Net
Collab.Net is a leader in creating new open source markets by combining
open source community expertise with business excellence. By utilizing the
essential collaborative processes of the open source community, Collab.Net
supplies customers with products and services that facilitate
well-organized, open source development. Collab.Net provides a developer
marketplace, hosting services with development lifecycle management
capabilities and professional services to facilitate collaborative, open
source software development among a worldwide community of
developers. Customers using Collab.Net open source services include ASP
and Internet firms, hardware and software providers, as well as companies
from industries such as marketing and publishing. Brian Behlendorf,
co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, co-founded Collab.Net in July
1999. For more information, see

# # #

Collab.Net is a trademark and sourceXchange is a servicemark of Collab.Net,
Inc. Any other product brand names used are property of their respective

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