Re: FoRK archives in XML/RSS via XSLT?

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From: Dan Brickley (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 11:11:25 PDT

On Sat, 6 May 2000, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:

> On Sat, May 06, 2000 at 01:16:10PM +0100, Dan Brickley wrote:
> > On Sat, 6 May 2000, Adam Rifkin -4K wrote:
> > >
> > > As to danbri's question, "Yeah, when do we get an RSS channel for FoRK
> > > so I can recue my inbox and read this along with other newsfeeds?", my
> > > answer is, "As soon as you develop an RSS channel for FoRK." :)
> >
> > Doh! Left myself wide open to that one, didn't I? OK, how about this for
> > an approach? Some XeNTist needs to set up a stable URL for the latest
> > date-sorted list of posts, and make the archives XML well formed
> > (ie. XHTML), then we should be able to write XSLT that'll scrape the
> > archives and output various formats...
> Ta-daa:


> I've been meaning to hack up an egroups-to-RSS thingy for a while
> now, just haven't gotten around to it.
> If anyone does this, make sure you pass 'fork' as a parameter so
> we get tens of thousands of other RSS feeds for free :)

I likely won't get around to writing one for egroups, though as you say
this would be cool. Probably better to lobby them into providing it
themselves....? Surely someone on this list knows someone who knows
someone.... at (if not, why not? ;-)
Either talk them into making RSS available or better, talk them
into using XHTML so we can make our own with XSLT...


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