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Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 07:23:26 PDT

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>hat dolphins spend up to four hours a day
>fornicating (must be nice).

Some years ago Ralph Nader's number two was a fine fellow named Ted Jacobs.
One weekend Ted, tired of working 24 hour days for weeks on end, decided to
go to the beach with his family. They got in the car, drove from Washignton
to someplace on the shore, and spent a pleasant Saturday and Sunday.They
arrived home Sunday night to a rining telephone: Ralph. He had been trying to
reach Ted all weekend.

"We went to the beach."
"Oh, that's good, you should do that. What did you do?"
"We went to the beach, we lay in the sun, we had a picnic, we went
swimming--that sort of thing."
Ralph, truly bewildered: "That took you all weekend?"

Now, 4 hours at a stretch must be nice indeed, but every day? No wonder
dolphins' literary output is so pauce.

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