RE: Stupid idea of the day

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From: Mark Day (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 03:31:31 PDT

> I'm sorry--but a man should be able to open his mail without getting his
> hands blown off, as Prof Gelantner would agree, I am sure.


> Blame the stupid users? No way.

I think the correct transposition of the "DONT OPEN ME, I'M A VIRUS" into
the world of snail mail would be a ticking package, clearly labelled "BOMB!
DO NOT OPEN" with a return address of "The Unabomber".

Exercise for the reader: why is it illegal to send a bomb to someone, even
if you mark it very clearly in this fashion? Should it be legal?

Extra credit: Discuss the relationship between your answer and the idea of
sending clearly-marked viruses in email.


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