MS WEbdav....oooh you didnt know...

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 08:18:46 PDT

You guys are just now figuring out the Frontpage Generation is fuxord.
I got a dept full of FPs here who would start tearing at you like heroin
jumnkies told you had the last fix in the world stuffed in your lower

Its a mindset not a protocol. You dont treat this shit like a tech
problem. If you do you find yourself starring downt he hallow eyes of a
drone who cant understand why your badmouthing the product that took him
out from the help desk phone (where they floundered when someone asked
somethign not on the scripted page) to the HE MAN WEBMASTER OF THE
UNIVERSE postion.

WEbDAv on an MS system is about MS apps....oh no shit...realy? You think
the Redmond pusher an is going to go out of thier way to give you a chance
to change brands? You think the millions and milliopns of Gatesaholics
want to have to make a choice?

If this could be solved with tech and protocol discusions then make sure
it happens without disturbing the patients in ward 23.

If youhave to work on an MS system, and I do every day without having to
touch FP style shit, here are some helpfull hints.

1.)Map the web drive
  (if your confronted with an ISS situation you can usualy find your pages
    under inetpub/wwwroot if its pure FP crap schnuffle around Front Page

2.)Use wordpad, winpico, Vi, whateverthefuck your editor of record is.
   end of procedure

If the system admins block you on step 1)...layeth the smack down on thier
candy asses. Worked for me, the old T to the O to the M to the whore. And
if they dont like that, tell them to go suck on an iguanas rectum.

The old standby is to play FTP tenis, which beats the snot out of touching

Your milage may vary.

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