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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 11:29:13 PDT

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Mark Day wrote:

--]Personally, I've never wanted to work for a company that wanted me to solve
--]logic puzzles in an interview, so I don't ask them.

An interviewer who has to resort to STATED LOGIC PROBLEMS is probably
working for a company I want no part of, or just thier money. If they cant
come up with ways to probe me on the fronts they are taking me on for
other than by handing me "TeCH TEST 101" or "Logic Problems Ment To Prove
You Are of XYZ Type" then its them, not me, who has fuxored the interview

Dig, I have been on both sides of the equation. As an interviewer I simply
called them in to talk...discourse shows up more telling points than not.
Just from talking and a good convo you can gain lotsof insight not only
into what a person might be capable from, but also how they think in a
practicle situation.

If the canidate showed no sign of "spark" during the interview, even when
prodded on topics that would be thier job, and hence should show a spark,
then its a good sign there is no match twixt job and canidate. they may be
the worlds smartest person in that field but if they dont have a zeal for
it why bother taking them on.

So in short, chew teh fat, dont fry thier bacon.

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