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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 14:56:15 PDT

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, B.K. DeLong wrote:

--]WML, on the other hand, tells the phone how to render the text and make it
--]look on the does not markup the content. I'd like to see a
--]better implementation of CSS2 which was supposed to allow for multiple
--]stylesheets for different user agents so Web authors don't have to markup
--]their content in fifty million different markup languages to allow it to be
--]viewed on fifty million different appliances and devices.

css is the best place for this , now. of course.......

<rant size=+4>

If it all worked this well what would the wonks, the critics and the paid
junkete crusaders have to keep them in the perks? Something has to be
shitasssedwardsback in order fro a whole section of the New Net Ecomonoy
(aka the dotcomunisim infrastructure) to thrive.

Every major techonological advancements has had come up with it its brain
dead uninnovative half cousinbrotherfather. When the PC sweept across the
globe the ZD Pantheon of looser, reviewers and self appointed pundints
were born as well.

So now wap , the illegitimate child of the preteen net, is the new flame
the moths of discontent and self importence will fock around. Heck, the
semen is bearly dry on the mothers thigh and the vultures are at the
fixings bar.

two words, Japan. Yea its one word but in this instance it counts as two.
the tamagotchi was just a warm up. these folks are way ahead of us at
making better ways to bury our heads in lcd pixiltion and make it pay off.

(Id love to hear Jackoff Neilsen drop a piece on the tamagotchi, oh that
would be rich. If anyone her is freinds with this jabroni, or if your
reading this yourself (in which case let me mispelll more stuff so i can
now that your just bursting to coorrect them typos:)) please take up the
call for the JN slant on the Gotchis)

In this age where the infastructure is actulay near ready to deliver to
our mobile hip little selfs all the information of the world, you have to
expect somethigns going to gum up the works. If it werent this, it would
be gov intervention. but since they are too slow and out of touch to do
much on that it has to be the wonks and bad specs


(actualy even with xml there is no end of the ratn for me, wellnot until
the big </dead> comes and resets the whole shithouse)

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