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Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 14:51:44 PDT

From: david mankins <>

For the two of you who can live withtout a weekly NTKnow fix:

                sufficiently advanced technology : the gathering

          Remember back in November, when we reviewed NAPSTER and said
          it was going to *really* annoy the music industry? Well, the
          alpha of MOJO NATION is now out, and while we're not sure
          that it's going to have the same uptake as the Nap, if it
          does it'll piss off the music industry *and* every
          revenue-gathering government in the world. Currently an
          endearing mess of Python scripts and hardcore protocol
          specification, Mojo Nation uses machine resources as a
          anonymous micropayment currency to fund file storage, search
          engines and firewall proxies on a massively distributed
          network of machines. The idea here isn't to charge for MP3s
          (as some have intimated), but to charge for the cost of
          maintaining a file-sharing network, using an internal
          currency which you can top up just by offering those
          services yourself. The Mojo Nation creators, Evil Geniuses
          for A Better Tomorrow, promise to offer a real money->mojo
          tokens exchange for those too wimpy to pay in cycles: but
          what's rather more interesting is keeping all your accounts
          in pure, untrackable Mojo's, and then widening the economy
          to cover a whole range of other services. Oh, The Man is
          going to *love* this.

           - LGPLed too, and launched at DefCon. This is so
             anarcho-PC, it hurts.

           - in accordance with prophecy

small print:
                           (K) 2000 Special Projects.
               Copying is fine, but include URL:

- david mankins (,

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