Javascript XML/SOAP/XML-RPC parsers

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From: Edd Dumbill (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 14:26:04 PDT

Adam Rifkin wrote:
> Then again, I can only
> find a single open JavaScript XML parser on the web right now...

I've just written up an item <>
about "XML for <SCRIPT>" <>, a
non-validating XML parser for Javascript.

There's also a small XML (ie, not XML, but a subset) parser, about which
we wrote <>

Adam also asked:
> Does anyone on FoRK know of *any* open implementation of a
> (de)serializer of SOAP written in JavaScript?

Sadly, I've not come across one yet. If and when I do you can be sure
it'll appear on XMLhack.

There is, however, an implementation of XML-RPC in Javascript, which
lives inside Mozilla, written by Martijn Pieters. See
<> and also
this article on <>
which uses the Javascript XML-RPC component to talk to an XML-RPC server
from within Mozilla.

A parting shot: if you're after XML bits, don't just try Google, try
<> too!

-- Edd

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