[FkedCompany] Deepleap goes away...

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From: Adam Rifkin (adam@KnowNow.com)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 02:29:39 PDT

Deepleap -- Neat technology but no immediately apparent customers. I
wonder who will pick it up in a firesale. It's a jungle out there, and
they hit their "fume date" way too soon. (That term, "fume date", I
learned in the NY Times article about Webtaggers


though I should probably FoRK that page because if Webtaggers hits their
"fume date" on January 1 that URL will 404, too.)

Geez it was only four months ago that Userland was discussing the
Deepleap launch...


I guess lots of press isn't worth what it used to be...


> From deepleap@deepleap.com Mon Aug 21 19:56:14 2000
> To: "Deepleap" <deepleap@deepleap.com>
> Subject: Important message from Deepleap
> Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 21:40:26 -0600
> Hi there, wonderful Deepleap users.
> It's with a sad heart that we tell you the bad news: effective Friday, Sept.
> 1, 2000, Deepleap will be shutting down. Effective this Friday, August 25,
> we'll be permanently disabling the browser tool, but you will still be able
> to get your personal information off the site until the end of the month.
> But make sure you get it before Sept. 1, when we turn everything off and all
> the servers turn back into pumpkins.
> We're giving you this advance notice because we want you to have the time to
> remove all of the personal data that you have stored on the Deepleap site.
> We're trying to make this as easy as possible for you, so we're presenting
> your information in a variety of formats that you can use (replace
> "YOURUSERNAME" with your user name, or just go to our homepage at
> www.deepleap.com to click through personalized links.)
> * Bookmarks:
> Netscape bookmark file:
> http://www.deepleap.com/user/YOURUSERNAME/bookmarks/download/
> HTML listing with comments included:
> http://www.deepleap.com/user/YOURUSERNAME/bookmarks/download/withcomments.pl
> XML:
> http://www.deepleap.com/user/YOURUSERNAME/bookmarks/xml/
> * Wishlist:
> HTML listing with comments included:
> http://www.deepleap.com/user/YOURUSERNAME/wishlist/download/
> XML:
> http://www.deepleap.com/user/YOURUSERNAME/wishlist/xml/
> * Notepad:
> HTML listing with comments included:
> http://www.deepleap.com/user/YOURUSERNAME/notepad/download/
> XML:
> http://www.deepleap.com/user/YOURUSERNAME/notepad/xml/
> Please note: We won't be selling your personal data to the highest bidder
> like *cough* some other *cough*cough* dot coms. While selling the Deepleap
> technology is certainly a possibility, we will ask you to OPT IN before we
> turn over your data to anyone else, with a full explanation of what they
> intend to do with it (continuing to host Deepleap, for example :-).
> In review, don't forget:
> Friday, Aug. 25: Deepleap browser tool disabled
> Friday, Sept. 1: Deepleap goes into deepsleep
> Thanks for being one of our wonderful Deepleap users! Again, our apologies
> for all this inconvenience. Unfortunately, sometimes things just don't work
> out. And our apologies for sending this message to those of you who opted-
> out of getting email from us; it won't happen again. :)
> Thanks again for all your support,
> The Deepleap gang: Lane, Tempy, Bryan, Ben and Courtney


Everybody was kung fu fighting, those kids were fast as lightning. -- Carl Douglas

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