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Ok, I'll play.

> writes:
> > Ok, let's get this straight. I can now get all the women I want, but I'm
> > concerned with a *lasting relationship*?
> >
> > Relationships like rehab, are for quitters.
> Let's look at the rules of the game, shall we?
> 1. Every new person you meet/date/sleep with you have to run your
> rap on afresh, and then spend mucho time either maintaining or trying
> to get rid of it, which let's face it, wastes a great amount of time
> from your already-finite life span.

depends how well your "rap" is down.

> 2. Every new person you meet/date/sleep with is one more person who
> you have the chance of accidentally pissing off. Believe it or not,
> a number of these people are neurotic enough to not leave you alone
> if things do not work out, psychotic enough to scream "date rape"
> when there was none, and psychopathic enough to come back with a
> weapon of mass destruction and do significant damage to you.

this is true of all aspects of life. unless being a hermit is acceptable,
then this not an option.

> 3. Every new person you meet/date/sleep with is one more piece of
> emotional baggage you'll have to carry around for the rest of your life.

possibly, however they can also enrich your life with new adventures.

> 4. The more people there are, the more difficult it gets to remember
> what you said to whom and when. Hence, writing your own ticket to
> loneliness and despair.

huh? unless your a pathological liar I don't see how this is a problem.

> If those are the rules of the game, then I'm the first one to sign up to
> With one person:
> 1. All time spent is time invested in a single person, who can then
> take all that stuff -- call it love -- and send it back to you.

so can others. in varying degrees and with different intensities.

> 2. There's only a single person on this planet you have to keep happy.

which in many cases requires more work, since as the time committed builds,
the single person expects you to provide x amount of happiness per hour

> 3. Carrying a single duffle bag is FAR easier than several, a dozen,
> scores, or hundreds....

nah, cuts down on gym time.

> 4. You know EXACTLY what you said, to that one person, because everything
> you said was to that one person.

again see pathalogical lair answer above.

> In short, the rules should be:
> 1. Never, ever sleep with anyone unless that person is THE ONE.
> Heck, don't even kiss a person until you know that person is THE ONE.
> Why risk getting yourself more baggage?

and how is that determined? IRC? letters? maybe they have a great
personality and bore you physically.

> 2. Don't even waste time with someone once they've revealed themselves
> not to be THE ONE.

and cut yourself off from a world of different experiences and adventures.

> 3. Once you find THE ONE, put your heart and your mind and your soul
> into THE ONE. Because love is not a constant; it must be continually
> augmented or it will fade away...

I agree.

> That's a game this homey CAN play. The only one, in fact. The key, of
> course, is to know what you're looking for. Most people don't even give
> the matter thought. Which means though they may win in their game, they
> lose in my game.

Well what your looking for can change over time. So what is perfect when
your 15 isn't so great at 21, which isn't that tremendous at 25, which
isn't so worthwhile at 30, which is old and tiresome at 40, which is a
murder rap by 50.



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