Rohit Khare (
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 07:51:11 -0400 (EDT)

> responsibility. The concept of blaming what happened on anything else
> but myself just repulses me. Nonetheless, I probably would not have done
> what I did if my meds had been working at the time. How do I reconcile
> these two beliefs?

Like a man.

I'm proud of you for your stance. It's a tough problem, one of the
starkest there is, now that we know what we do about the brain. I
can't say I've ended up in 1/10 the crisis, but I appreciate the moral
boundaries you're concerned with.

I've been arguing with Adam: he says I'm better off with work, rather than
the pain and heartache of relationships to complicate matters. I don't
care: I want to feel more human. I just want to feel. Which is a scary
prospect given what ADD/manic-depressives will do when forced into a
corner dying for stimulus. (Like avoid all pretense of working for two

Addiction to emotion: the craving to feel something, anything, even
vicariously suck in other peoples' emotions (if only one could get
close enough!)

What can it lead you to? Anywhere addiction can take you anyway. Joe,
you seem to have gotten an E-ticket... the good part is, as you no
doubt must count your blessings, I'd have to say you arrived in a very
happy, successful, supportive place in life. With two beautiful kids!

It may sound fake from our limited FoRK community relationship, but:
I am really proud of you, JoeIII.


PS. Is it I, or does that acclamation twist the grammatical rules
for "proud" and "of" like a Pennsy Dutch pretzel?