quality control and triceratops construction

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From: Strata Rose Chalup (strata@virtual.net)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 14:05:47 PST


[Yeah, I know, but would you rather I attached a 392K PDF file to this

One of the few entertaining (as opposed to merely interesting) things
I found while poking around various links chaining from PMI and the
various SIGs there. Hmm, actually maybe I found this on a google
search for Noriake Kano...anyway. There is a lot of stuff out there
on product design and how to define quality for your marketplace.

I'm on the verge (I hope) of doing both a competitive analysis and
landscape report in the high-volume ISP target segment. It seemed
like a good time to go get some specific cites before building the
quality matrix.

I'm almost disturbed by how innocuous the dark side looks when you
put the word "technical" in front of the M-word. :-) But the pay
is good, and the chance to benchmark on a really great lab setup
wouldn't be anything to sneeze at either.

And yes, I've been very quiet lately. But now I'm back from a major
conference, ever so slightly caught up on email (hah), finished an
8-page proposed Statement of Work, trounced some spammers off the
baylisa mailing lists, and now have a teensy weensy bit of breathing

Not too much, since I have a ton of writing projects I've been
putting off over the summer, and one of them seems to be turning into
a book offer. <fear/> But if any Northern-CA FoRK types want to
take over a corner of Tied House in Mt View, I'm there, drop me a


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