Re: quality control and triceratops construction

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 15:36:09 PST

This completely reminds me of the scene in Jurassic Park
where the Brachiasaurus(?) sneezed on the girl. Also, in
the Lost World book the Trex shoots it's anal gland on
the hood of the jeep they are driving to mark it.

Try and matrix map those "believability" things to
emotion and body deployments. Extremely interesting
requirements process.


Strata Rose Chalup wrote:
> I'm almost disturbed by how innocuous the dark side looks when you
> put the word "technical" in front of the M-word. :-) But the pay
> is good, and the chance to benchmark on a really great lab setup
> wouldn't be anything to sneeze at either.

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