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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 14:33:23 PST

"Joseph S. Barrera III" wrote:
> > From: Gregory Alan Bolcer
> > I guess I have to hide my DK mp3's now.[see below]
> But how could the DKs be considered pro-nazi???
> - Joe

John Doe of X once was telling a reporter why they
just stopped playing. Back in the early days, punk was
just raucous fun and then it turned mean with fights breaking
out, stabbings, & it was cool to spit on stage or cut yourself
and go into the pit as a weird badge of toughness. During that
time, their hit song, "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline", a song
about a sexual pervert shooting up women on buses and then
raping them turned from a commentary on weirdness, aka
sex and dying in high society, to a anthem. John Doe
said that he just stopped playing because of the frat
dicks that used to come up and gush over what they interpreted
the song meant.

If you think about it, music is *always* misinterpreted.

AC/DC's Night Prowler, a song about blissfully naive teeny boppers
sneaking out to throw rocks at their high school sweetheart's window
while her parent's were asleep turned into a bitter and dark anthem
about the Richard Ramirez sneaking into houses and killing families.
(Night Stalker).

Stone Temple Pilots song "I Am", a song about the mental sickness
of rapists and how socially deviant their understanding of human
emotions and thinking was criticized as being ultra sexist. They
were regularly picketed by women's groups for glorifying rape, when in
fact they were attempting exactly the opposite--raising as much as
$35,000 in one showing at Castaic Lake (LA) and the Bohemian's Women's
Political Alliance.

Nirvana's final studio album was also either an FU to their
recording label or an FU to their fans who they learned to hate
for completely misinterpreting everything they were saying. There's
a feeling that they were trying to make music like Tourette's or even
Rape Me criticisms of themselves upon criticisms of themselves for
spawing such idiotic cult following of zombies that hang off
their every word but twist it to their own particular dysfunction.
How thrash could you get before all the "normal" people tune out and
gag and all you are left with is the weirdos. All the "normal"
people understand you to say exactly the opposite of what you are
saying; all the oddjobs take it as anthem. No wonder there's
so much self-loathing in rock and roll stardom. You may remember
the Violent Femmes? They became so popular in colleges across the US
at one point in 1984 that the band followed up with an album that
1) was so different than their initial offering that they were sure
that it would drive people away that weren't ready to go deep into
their musical experiment, and 2) got back to the band's intial
fascination of gospel music to relieve their guilt for having
spurned such fanatacism of their music. In fact, Nirvana's
Jesus Don't Want Me for a Sunbeam and Lake of Fire almost parallel
exactly a couple of tracks on the Femmes' "gospel" albun including
Jesus Walking on the Water and others.

So, the question on the table is, how can the DKs be considered
pro-nazi? Easy, Nazi-Punks Fuck Off has become a neo-nazi
anthem. Remember the enemy-of-my-enemy? The antidisestablishmentarianism
of their lyrics falls right in line neo-nazi "oppression". They
associate with the words and twist the meaning. It happens all the time
with music.


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