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From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 17:58:30 PST

> From: Gregory Alan Bolcer []
> [...]
> time, their { X's } hit song, "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline", a song
> [...]
> AC/DC's Night Prowler, a song about blissfully naive teeny boppers
> [...]
> Stone Temple Pilots song "I Am", a song about the mental sickness

And then of course there's The Cure's Killing an Arab.
A song based on Camus' story The Stranger, turned into an
anti-Arab anthem. Sigh.

> Nirvana's final studio album was also either an FU to their
> recording label or an FU to their fans who they learned to hate
> for completely misinterpreting everything they were saying.

I don't think they (he) hated all their fans, just the stupid fuck
"wastes of sperm and egg" ones.

And I still wish they had gone with the original title of the
album (and kept the corresponding track), "I hate myself
and I want to die." As it is, you have to buy the Beavis and Butthead
soundtrack to get that track.

> So, the question on the table is, how can the DKs be considered
> pro-nazi? Easy, Nazi-Punks Fuck Off has become a neo-nazi anthem.

Well... I guess if neo-nazis were smart, they wouldn't be neo-nazis.

(* sigh *)

- Joe

... and I guess Skinny Puppy is in favor of Chemical Warfare, too.

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