Re:KUCI Top 30, 9/3/96

CobraBoy (
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 10:22:56 -0700

At 7:26 AM -0700 9/4/96, Jim Whitehead wrote:
:When I'm at U.C. Irvine being a grad. student, I like to maintain the
:fiction of having a social life. Part of this involves being a DJ
:at the
:college radio station, KUCI (88.9FM, 200 massive watts of effective
:radiated power -- your toaster is more powerful than we are), which,
:apparently, is considered an musical opinion leader among college

:1. Low--The Curtain Hits The Cast--Vernon Yard -/ never heard
:2. Muslimgauze--Gun Aramaic--Soleilmoon -/ nh
:3. Anton LaVey--Satan Takes A Holiday--Amarillo -/ nh (like to
:4. Howie B--Music For Babies--Island -/nh
:5. Avail--4 A.M. Friday--Lookout -/nh
:6. Barry Adamson--Oedipus Schmoedipus--Mute -/nh
:7. U.S. Saucer--Tender Places Come From Nothing--Amarillo -/nh
:8. Texas Is The Reason/Promise Ring--split 7"--Jade Tree -/nh
:9. Boredoms--Super Roots 6--Reprise -/nh
:10. Disco Sucks (comp.)--Che -/nh
:11. You Gan't Boar With Eablas... comp.--Amarillo -/nh
:12. William Parker--Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy--Homestead -/nh
:13. Reservoir--s/t--Zero Hour -/heard of, not listened to
:14. Trainspotting (soundtrack)--EMI Premier -/ yep
:15. White Winged Moth--I Can See Inside Your House--Poon Village -/nh
:16. Scorn--Logghi Barogghi--Earache -/nh
:17. East River Pipe--Kill The Action EP--Merge -/nh
:18. Lisle Ellis--What We Live Fo(u)r--Black Saint -/nh
:19. Run Rhythm Run (comp.)--Heartbeat -/nh
:20. Electric Company--Live In Concert (10"/7")--Krown Pocket -/nh
:21. Brian Jonestown Massacre--Their Satanic Majesties' Second -/nh
:22. Request--Tangible Go Sailor (7")--Lookout -/nh
:23. Arcana--The Last Wave--DIW -/heard of, not listened to (like to
:24. Versus--Secret Swingers--Caroline -/heard of, not listened to
:(like to though)
:25. Future Loop Foundation--Time And Bass--Mammoth/Planet Dog -/nh
:(like to though)
:26. Crabs--Brainwashed--K -/nh
:27. Germs (tribute)--A Small Circle of Friends--Grass -/yep (like
:to though)
:28. American Analog Set--The Fun Of Watching Fireworks--Emperor
:Jones/Trance -/nh (like to though)
:29. Alan Licht/Loren Mazzacane Connors--Two Nights--Road Cone -/nh
:30. Raunchy Young Lepers--We Will Kick Your Ass
:If...(cassette)--Catsup Plate -/nh (like to though)
:Fin--untitled--Catorce Index -/nh
:Madelines--Your Motives Kill Me--Sudden Shame -/nh
:Nerdy Girl--Twist Her--No Life -/nh
:Dirty Three--Horse Stories--Touch And Go -/nh
:Lois--Snapshot Radio--K -/nh


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