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I include the most interesting-sounding courses sent to me, listed
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there's a niche for such courses.
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Subject: Fall 1996 Calendar of Classes

|o| ** Sept. 9, 1996 **
|o| (serving Spectrum Virtual University students & alumni)

The Fall 1996 Calendar of Classes at Spectrum Virtual University
is now available (see below) and includes some great new courses
on Computers & the Internet, Creative Writing, World Trends, and
self-help themes. All classes are FREE to the public, thanks to
the good will of volunteer instructors and our sponsor, SPRYNET,
a leading Internet service provider.

How to Enroll:
* Via the Web: <>
* By E-mail: Follow directions at the end of this message

This Fall marks our 12th year of providing classes to the online
community and our 3rd Anniversary on the World Wide Web. More
than a quarter million people from 128 countries have attended
classes on our virtual campus!

CALENDAR OF FALL 1996 CLASSES * Spectrum Virtual University

* Exploring the World Wide Web With MS "Internet Explorer" (816)

Almost everyone will benefit from this wonderful new course!
Finally, here is a workshop that offers easy, step-by-step
instructions on how to install and use Microsoft's popular
new (and completely FREE) web browser, "Internet Explorer."

This course was designed by Microsoft Corporation and, until
now, it has only been available to employees on Microsoft's
own internal network. By special arrangement, we are pleased
to offer the course to the public for the first time this Fall
at the Virtual U!

A series of eight weekly lessons offer simple instructions and
guide students through the steps to install "Internet Explorer"
on their computer. Students will learn how to fine-tune the
software for optimum performance, how to customize the browser
to suit their personal taste, how to install plug-ins, and how
to use add-ons such as "Internet Mail" and "Internet News," a
handy Usenet news reader.

In addition to the weekly lessons, Microsoft Internet Explorer
Team guru Harry Goodwin will answer questions and offer how-to
advice via the Classroom Discussion board. By the end of the
course, students will be expert MSIE users and will be surfing
the World Wide Web with confidence and ease!

* Telecommuting: Exploring the Virtual Office of Tomorrow (843)

"Telecommuting" is becoming increasingly prevalent in the U.S.
and many other parts of the world as businesses and government
begin to explore the cost-saving benefits and productivity
increases made possible by moving workers to virtual offices.
Thousands are now making the daily commute to jobs via their
computer keyboards, and the experts are making some startling
discoveries about this growing trend.

This course explores the concepts and technology for moving
work to the worker and building the Virtual Office of the 21st
century. It examines telecommuting policy, agreements, legal
issues, costs, benefits, resources, and evaluation of existing
programs. Anyone who is interested in exploring the workplace
of tomorrow will gain useful insights from this course.

Instructor: Guy Lochiatto has extensive experience as an
Adjunct teacher in a variety of business subjects at the
undergraduate and graduate level. He has presented seminars
on project management and telecommuting to technical and
business groups and has written curricula for MIS and
Professional Communications courses.

* Write On! New Adventures in Creative Writing (565)

This workshop features an all-new series of challenging weekly
exercises that will help sharpen your creative writing skills,
infuse power and color into your prose, and expand your vocab-
ulary. It is part of a continuing series based on the popular
course "Eight Weeks to Creative Writing," which was taught
this summer at the Virtual U and it picks up where that class
left off.

In addition to weekly lessons, students will form study groups
and participate in writers' roundtable style critiques, inter-
actively exchanging feedback and constructive suggestions to
enhance their writing skills.

The course will also examine the basic steps which are neces-
sary to turn rough ideas into polished manuscripts, starting
out with developing an initial concept, drafting an outline,
researching, writing the first draft, rewriting, and finally,
composing the final draft. Each student will be given a story
assignment at the start of the class and will work through
these essential steps as the workshop progresses. The "final
draft" submitted at the end of the term will constitute the
final exam.

Instructor: Richard De A'Morelli is a senior faculty member
and one of the founders of Spectrum Virtual U. He is a
published author of 13 books and served as a bylined member of
the late, best-selling author Irving Wallace's editorial
staff. He has developed and taught courses on various aspects
of journalism and creative writing.

* Real Prosperity In A Virtual World (621)

"Prosperity is not really about money," explains instructor
David Durksen, "it is about our thoughts and attitudes on how
the universe is created, how it supports us, and what our role
is in this process. The universe is governed by simple, know-
able, and usable principles that when regularly applied to our
thoughts and actions allow the blessings of life to flow to
and through our daily activities in such a way that we are
free from the distractions of needing to make money -- which
frees us to make a life."

This 8-week workshop will explore the principles of financial
freedom, starting with how participants handle their day-to-
day finances and will go on to help students develop an
individual strategy for "D-Day" -- the day that one reaches
the status of being debt free. Students will also learn to
build on successes in daily living and chart a course to true
financial freedom and successful thinking.

Instructor: Rev. David Durksen joined the Virtual U faculty
in the Fall of 1995 and developed the popular course, "Coming
of Age in the New Millennium." He is an ordained Unity
minister and founder of Unity Internet Ministry, Canada. He
served as President of the Assoc. of Unity Churches (Canada)
for eight years.

* Setting Your Lifelong Goals (615)

This interactive program will assist the participant in the
task of setting a "Personal Strategic Plan" to cope success-
fully with the "New Economy" or "Paradigm Shift" in which we
presently living. Course topics will include how to become
a "Trend Watcher" and gain an advantage relative to identify-
ing early changes that will eventually cause major shifts in
our thinking and way of doing things; learning the tools and
techniques to deal effectively with the stress brought on by
a major paradigm shift; developing techniques that will
enable participants to continually enforce their strategic
plan in their daily activities; and turning diversity into

At the conclusion of the workshop, the successful participant
will be able to progressively advance towards their worthy
objectives and/or goals with a positive attitude and a clear

Instructor: Dan Glover is a professor and expert on motiva-
tional training. He has developed and taught a variety of
courses in the field.

* Beyond OK: Converting Crisis Into Creation (611)

Did you know that there is life after problems? That once you
find a solution, a new way of living, and you've put your life
back together after your old world has fallen apart, you still
need to build a whole new vision of what you want your life to
be like? "Without a conscious plan," explains instructor David
Durksen, "your life and affairs will slowly and inevitably
revert to the same old patterns and the same nagging problems.
To get out of the insanity -- the rut of doing the same thing
and expecting different results -- you must create new causes
that will bring to you the new effects you desire in life."

This workshop takes a look at life after "recovery" or "grief"
and explores the steps that are necessary to begin again and
get one's life back on a positive track after climbing out of
the swamp of inappropriate, compulsive, and self-destructive

Instructor: Rev. David Durksen (q.v.)



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By E-mail:
Send a message to Register@Horizons.Org and in the body of the
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For example:

John Q. Smith
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* Enrollment deadline is 12am Thursday, October 3. Fall
classes begin Monday, October 7.

* Limit TWO COURSES per student.

* First come, first served. Some classes may have size
limits or prerequisites.

* Class schedules subject to instructor availability and
may be cancelled or rescheduled as necessary.



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