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>I include the most interesting-sounding courses sent to me, listed
>below. Not interesting that I want to take them, but interesting that
>there's a niche for such courses.
> -- Adam

Uh-huh, yeah sure Adam. :-)



>>From Fri Sep 13 02:31:02 1996
>Subject: Fall 1996 Calendar of Classes
>|o| ** Sept. 9, 1996 **
>|o| (serving Spectrum Virtual University students & alumni)
>The Fall 1996 Calendar of Classes at Spectrum Virtual University
>is now available (see below) and includes some great new courses
>on Computers & the Internet, Creative Writing, World Trends, and
>self-help themes. All classes are FREE to the public, thanks to
>the good will of volunteer instructors and our sponsor, SPRYNET,
>a leading Internet service provider.
>How to Enroll:
> * Via the Web: <>
> * By E-mail: Follow directions at the end of this message
>This Fall marks our 12th year of providing classes to the online
>community and our 3rd Anniversary on the World Wide Web. More
>than a quarter million people from 128 countries have attended
>classes on our virtual campus!
>CALENDAR OF FALL 1996 CLASSES * Spectrum Virtual University
>* Exploring the World Wide Web With MS "Internet Explorer" (816)
> Almost everyone will benefit from this wonderful new course!
> Finally, here is a workshop that offers easy, step-by-step
> instructions on how to install and use Microsoft's popular
> new (and completely FREE) web browser, "Internet Explorer."
> This course was designed by Microsoft Corporation and, until
> now, it has only been available to employees on Microsoft's
> own internal network. By special arrangement, we are pleased
> to offer the course to the public for the first time this Fall
> at the Virtual U!
> A series of eight weekly lessons offer simple instructions and
> guide students through the steps to install "Internet Explorer"
> on their computer. Students will learn how to fine-tune the
> software for optimum performance, how to customize the browser
> to suit their personal taste, how to install plug-ins, and how
> to use add-ons such as "Internet Mail" and "Internet News," a
> handy Usenet news reader.
> In addition to the weekly lessons, Microsoft Internet Explorer
> Team guru Harry Goodwin will answer questions and offer how-to
> advice via the Classroom Discussion board. By the end of the
> course, students will be expert MSIE users and will be surfing
> the World Wide Web with confidence and ease!
>* Telecommuting: Exploring the Virtual Office of Tomorrow (843)
> "Telecommuting" is becoming increasingly prevalent in the U.S.
> and many other parts of the world as businesses and government
> begin to explore the cost-saving benefits and productivity
> increases made possible by moving workers to virtual offices.
> Thousands are now making the daily commute to jobs via their
> computer keyboards, and the experts are making some startling
> discoveries about this growing trend.
> This course explores the concepts and technology for moving
> work to the worker and building the Virtual Office of the 21st
> century. It examines telecommuting policy, agreements, legal
> issues, costs, benefits, resources, and evaluation of existing
> programs. Anyone who is interested in exploring the workplace
> of tomorrow will gain useful insights from this course.
> Instructor: Guy Lochiatto has extensive experience as an
> Adjunct teacher in a variety of business subjects at the
> undergraduate and graduate level. He has presented seminars
> on project management and telecommuting to technical and
> business groups and has written curricula for MIS and
> Professional Communications courses.
>* Write On! New Adventures in Creative Writing (565)
> This workshop features an all-new series of challenging weekly
> exercises that will help sharpen your creative writing skills,
> infuse power and color into your prose, and expand your vocab-
> ulary. It is part of a continuing series based on the popular
> course "Eight Weeks to Creative Writing," which was taught
> this summer at the Virtual U and it picks up where that class
> left off.
> In addition to weekly lessons, students will form study groups
> and participate in writers' roundtable style critiques, inter-
> actively exchanging feedback and constructive suggestions to
> enhance their writing skills.
> The course will also examine the basic steps which are neces-
> sary to turn rough ideas into polished manuscripts, starting
> out with developing an initial concept, drafting an outline,
> researching, writing the first draft, rewriting, and finally,
> composing the final draft. Each student will be given a story
> assignment at the start of the class and will work through
> these essential steps as the workshop progresses. The "final
> draft" submitted at the end of the term will constitute the
> final exam.
> Instructor: Richard De A'Morelli is a senior faculty member
> and one of the founders of Spectrum Virtual U. He is a
> published author of 13 books and served as a bylined member of
> the late, best-selling author Irving Wallace's editorial
> staff. He has developed and taught courses on various aspects
> of journalism and creative writing.
>* Real Prosperity In A Virtual World (621)
> "Prosperity is not really about money," explains instructor
> David Durksen, "it is about our thoughts and attitudes on how
> the universe is created, how it supports us, and what our role
> is in this process. The universe is governed by simple, know-
> able, and usable principles that when regularly applied to our
> thoughts and actions allow the blessings of life to flow to
> and through our daily activities in such a way that we are
> free from the distractions of needing to make money -- which
> frees us to make a life."
> This 8-week workshop will explore the principles of financial
> freedom, starting with how participants handle their day-to-
> day finances and will go on to help students develop an
> individual strategy for "D-Day" -- the day that one reaches
> the status of being debt free. Students will also learn to
> build on successes in daily living and chart a course to true
> financial freedom and successful thinking.
> Instructor: Rev. David Durksen joined the Virtual U faculty
> in the Fall of 1995 and developed the popular course, "Coming
> of Age in the New Millennium." He is an ordained Unity
> minister and founder of Unity Internet Ministry, Canada. He
> served as President of the Assoc. of Unity Churches (Canada)
> for eight years.
>* Setting Your Lifelong Goals (615)
> This interactive program will assist the participant in the
> task of setting a "Personal Strategic Plan" to cope success-
> fully with the "New Economy" or "Paradigm Shift" in which we
> presently living. Course topics will include how to become
> a "Trend Watcher" and gain an advantage relative to identify-
> ing early changes that will eventually cause major shifts in
> our thinking and way of doing things; learning the tools and
> techniques to deal effectively with the stress brought on by
> a major paradigm shift; developing techniques that will
> enable participants to continually enforce their strategic
> plan in their daily activities; and turning diversity into
> opportunity.
> At the conclusion of the workshop, the successful participant
> will be able to progressively advance towards their worthy
> objectives and/or goals with a positive attitude and a clear
> direction.
> Instructor: Dan Glover is a professor and expert on motiva-
> tional training. He has developed and taught a variety of
> courses in the field.
>* Beyond OK: Converting Crisis Into Creation (611)
> Did you know that there is life after problems? That once you
> find a solution, a new way of living, and you've put your life
> back together after your old world has fallen apart, you still
> need to build a whole new vision of what you want your life to
> be like? "Without a conscious plan," explains instructor David
> Durksen, "your life and affairs will slowly and inevitably
> revert to the same old patterns and the same nagging problems.
> To get out of the insanity -- the rut of doing the same thing
> and expecting different results -- you must create new causes
> that will bring to you the new effects you desire in life."
> This workshop takes a look at life after "recovery" or "grief"
> and explores the steps that are necessary to begin again and
> get one's life back on a positive track after climbing out of
> the swamp of inappropriate, compulsive, and self-destructive
> behavior.
> Instructor: Rev. David Durksen (q.v.)
>Via the Worldwide Web:
>Point your browsser at <>
>and complete the simple registration form when you arrive.
>By E-mail:
>Send a message to Register@Horizons.Org and in the body of the
>message on three separate lines type: your name, your e-mail
>address, and the 3-digit ID# of the class(es) you wish to take.
>For example:
>John Q. Smith
>811 545
> * Enrollment deadline is 12am Thursday, October 3. Fall
> classes begin Monday, October 7.
> * Limit TWO COURSES per student.
> * First come, first served. Some classes may have size
> limits or prerequisites.
> * Class schedules subject to instructor availability and
> may be cancelled or rescheduled as necessary.
> To sign off this list:
> To subscribe:
> For our current Calendar:
> To reach a "live" person:


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