Re: Daily brief, 9/13/96.

I Find Karma (
Fri, 13 Sep 96 11:18:48 PDT

> Actually, given the candidate palette, broccoli is sounding
> really good at this point.
> Hmmmm... I suppose it can't hurt to learn a little about the
> alternatives to the lesser of two evils.

Or why vote for the lesser evil, since we're writing in?
Cthulu in 96!

> Is broccoli running on some minor party ticket, or is it a write-in
> candidate?

The majors conspired to prevent broccoli from launching an independent
campaign (with wonderful slogans like "Dole in 96?? Dole *IS* 96..." :),
so I guess broccoli is considering mounting a massive write-in.

Wait, you were trolling me, weren't you?

In other news...
> >IBM has developed voice-recognition software that can be used by
> >radiologists to prepare their reports. Running on a Microsoft Windows
> >NT operating system and a PC with a 200-megahertz Intel Pentium
> >processor, the software will recognize about 25,000 English words spoken
> >in a conversational tone, and system accuracy can be improved by
> >training it to recognize an individual's speech pattern. The system
> >costs $12,000-15,000 and will be useful in other specific disciplines
> >where many of the same technical phrases are repeated frequently. (New
> >York Times 12 Sep 96 C)
> It's interesting that they don't do there development on OS/2 anymore.

We are Microsoft. OS/2 is irrelevant. UNIX is irrelevant. Openness is
futile. Prepare to be assimilated.


"I'm going for good story balance, where all of the characters interplay
on an equal basis, and the story line is carefully ribboned through the
interplay in order to create yet another level of balance that will
enhance the total structure."
"Screw balance, this is an episode."
-- Al Martinez