Top 18 Indications That Geeks Rule the Web

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Fri, 13 Sep 96 12:31:42 PDT

I forward this even with the [sic] in #15.
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The Top 18 Indications That Geeks Rule the Web

18> I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may implicate me.

17> See contributor list below.

16> 20 bad hurricane names; zero complaints.

15> '96 World Wide Web Consortium postponed due to
international shortage of asthma inhalers.

14> 78,859,603,962,549,850,306,721,987,591,357,852 Karaoke
home pages -- and counting.

13> Latest Internet polls show Chris White leading
Bob Dole by 10 percentage points.

12> Most users chance of hacking into the Pentagon still
better than chance of hooking up with Cindy Crawford.

11> 95% of high-level system passwords are based on
Star Trek trivia.

10> Bathroom stalls at information superhighway rest
stops all covered with java code graffiti.

9> Uh, you're READING it, buddy.

8> Scanned photos of home page owners all look like cross
between Lyle Lovett and Thomas Dolby.

7> alt.binary.tape.glasses

6> Money magazine picks Bill Gates as sexiest man alive.

5> Coco Puff stains on the bottom left corner of most
WEB pages.

4> Frequent server crashes between 12-1 p.m. because most
users have been forced to surrender their lunch money.

3> Fierce Kirk vs. Picard debate crashes AOL.

2> "Click here for your free Netscape pocket protector!"

and the Number 1 Indication That Geeks Rule the Web...

1> Actually, Dogbert rules the Web, geeks are just his
loyal minions.

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