Re: My music notes, Feb 4, 1998.

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 16:01:51 -0600

> If only [Beethoven's] symphonies weren't so overplayed!

I could be happy for a long time with only Beethoven's concerti, especially
the Emperor and the Violin Concerto. But, eventually, I would miss Bach,
Handel, Mozart, which are all pretty easy to like. Not to mention Zappa,
Floyd, Zeppelin, Kottke, Costello, and Lovett.

How about Mahler's symphonies? I'm mostly familiar with the 4th, which I love.

> > So, what do you like?
> In the orchestral realm, almost anything EXCEPT:
> 1. Aimless featureless romantic pieces suggestive of landscapes written
> by mediocre composers (I don't like Bax)

So, no Debussy (Prelude To The Afternoon Of A {Fawn, Clover, Wendy, ...})?
Or Elgar, Britten or Von Williams? Not even Grieg or Sibelius? Bax, Britten,
Von Williams, and Hindemith don't do much for me, either.

> 2. Heavy handed overly dramatic and gimmicky romantic composers (I
> don't like Berlioz)

Depends on the piece, surely? The only recorded musical performance I've ever
been part of (I was a just another bass in one of the two choirs needed; not
commercially available AFAIK) was Berlioz's Te Deum (not Tedium), which is
divinely sublime and not at all bombastic. I highly recommend it. And I think
the Marseillaise is absolutely marvey, even if Berlioz only (re?)arranged it.

So, Bizet's right out, too?

> 3. Pachabel's Canon :-) (Jeez, I just remembered that they used to play
> it on Sesame Street, while a dandelion blossomed. Gag)

Nuff said.


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