Re: Four categories of emailing people.

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Wed, 18 Feb 1998 01:41:48 -0800

Actually, this is a pretty decent response to that Tigger165 post.
I actually empathize with Amy that she made a mistake and Tigger165
jumped down her throat for it.

Friends of Gordon, Friends of Rohit, Friends of Ron, Friends of
Sangeeta... are we going to approach the day where every person has a
"Friends of Me" mailing list?

> From Tue Feb 17 21:56:00 1998
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> Subject: Re: in a word...
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> In Responce to Your E-Mail "Tigger165"....
> Dear Kind Group of People & One Amazing Jerk:
> My name is Amy. I have the great pleasure of knowing some of you. Some
> acquantances I have yet to make. I introduce myself simply for the
> fact that I have never been so freaked out by one piece of mail in my
> email-life.
> You see...I do not belong to the Oscar-Discussing Colective. I was
> cordially invited by the Lovely Miss Sangeeta, however I chose to
> decline her gracious offer. She IS a lovely gal isn't she folks? When
> I got home this evening...I did my usual thing, you know. I start
> reading the mail and I come across this "E-mail" of Flaming Fire and I
> am trying to figure out what the hell this person is talking
> about.... Who is he? he doesn't belong to the list-serv goup I
> do... he's never posted before so what's up with this smack he's
> screaming thru my screen ????
> After I racked my brain for a while it hit me... This person who so
> boldly flamed me must have gotten my name off of Sangeeta's invitation
> somehow, maybe it was addressed to him as well... I certainly wasn't
> in the list-serv or I would have gotten a clue as to what ticked him
> off so badly....
> I appologize for taking the time of people I don't know... but I am
> looking for an explanation...This guy freaked me out...and why?
> Because he couldn't get the addresses right? Isn't this the same guy
> who just emailed us ranting and raving about how seemingly perfect he
> is? And how we all fall into these catagories, that since he
> apparently doesn't....he is somehow better than us all?? And yet...I
> am an innocent not-even-bystander, just a random name he drew up
> somewhere to yell at?
> Well, I didn't ask to be invited into this conversation, but since you
> have opened the door...allow me to answer you question....... Which
> catagory do I fit? You See....I AM ALL OF THEM.... Some days, i
> can't get my head out of my arse.. I misspell email like crazy and
> can't complete sentences. and sound like a goober Somdays I reply to
> every email that comes down the pike... and I post things to the whole
> list when I really only wanted to send it to JohnDoe... Somedays I
> just lurk.... Or maybe get a little too grumpy... Somedays I seem to
> have it all straight - A good day, funny joke, roller skating in
> videos, any little thing and I am right with the world and I AM the
> hippest person in it... (or at least in my own mind...LOL) I do try to
> be everything to everyone :) I am all of these things you rant and
> rave about...WHY? Because I am a human. I do goofy things.... When
> you belong to a collective group of people discussing things... A
> person must realize that this is part of the territory... You can take
> it with a grain of salt or you can get all pent up about it... We are
> not all experts here... But we all should have one common goal - the
> use of common courtesy...
> Thank you for your time.
> -Aminator


Philosophy is useless, theology is worse.
-- Dire Straits