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Thu, 26 Feb 1998 07:41:10 -0800

Along the same lines, Amazon FINALLY tracked down a copy for me of
Bell/Sieworick/Newell's "Computer Structures: Readings and Examples" (
<> )
which includes how to build a PDP-8 emulator out of AMD 2900 bit-slice
processors. The book was written in 1971 (the PDP-8 itself dates from the
early 60's). Okay, so maybe the 2900 wasn't around in 1971... I must be
thinking of a post-1971 edition of the book. Well, I'll know for sure when
the book actually shows up in a couple of weeks. I used this book in grad
school but was too stupid to buy a copy of it back then. (I viewed it as
being "too outdated".)

- Joe

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