Re: Clinton

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 13:30:41 -0800

> > Fuck you too!
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You guys, always talking Clinton and/or Sex. Here's my
asexual take of the whole affair to forget that the Voxers
haven't thought of yet.

The media has it all wrong. Starr doesn't want Lewinsky's testimony
to find out she blew Clinton. That's not the salient fact of the matter.
Starr wants Lewinsky's testimony on how the workings of jobs-for-hush
money work in the Clinton Whitehouse. He is just using the perjury charge
to coerce her to cooperate. She after all fell into the investagory net of
an already existing investigation. Read the judge's panel report and the AG's
agreement to expand the jurisdiction. Monica dearest fell into the
same network that was used to get former assistant AG WWH
Worldly Web Hubbell his pay-for-silence. Starr wants her testimony on
these workings in order to provide a air tight, detailed description of
how it works that will hold up in court.

All things interconnected. Has anyone see Con Air and Wag the Dog?