The Philosophy of Free Software

Ernest Prabhakar (
Wed, 4 Feb 98 18:15:26 -0800

It will be interesting to see whether the press buys the "its a
better way to develop", or sees it as a "abandoning the browser

-- Ernie P.
(HTML, PostScript, ASCII, Audio, etc.)

This paper has already had real-world consequences. The day of the
announcement I was informed by the folks at Netscape that it was a
major influence on their decision to _give away the source for
Netscape Communicator_. Eric Hahn, Executive Vice President and
Chief Technology Officer at Netscape, wrote me four days afterwards
confirming: "On behalf of everyone at Netscape, I want to thank you
for helping us get to this point in the first place. Your thinking
and writings were fundamental inspirations to our decision."