Re: [FoRKcon] SoCal: Tonight @ Sid's, 8PM Newport Beach

Rohit Khare -- UC Irvine -- 4K Associates -- +1- (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:43:33 -0700

[This conversation is not happening -- Ed.]

> Too bad I didn't know - I might have stayed over.

I suppose it IS now, isn't it? Especially with those UA E-Fares
for $271 TPA-LAX that allow you to return Monday or Tuesday
at will, just that whatever you pick you have to live with.

> As it was, Rohit, I tried to talk to you but YOU IGNORED ME. That
> was me over in the corner with mustard on my red Versace - NOW do
> you remember?

No, of course not. You may as well have squirted mustard on me and

There's just no room in a young geek's brain for any thoughts
but protocol design when the jacaranda blooms on a summer's
fool moon.

Ok, I lied. There's only room for two things, but I swear I
wasn't thinking about the unprintable one while I was scorching
marshmallow sauce in the fire. I was fantasizing anout a faceless
Internet admirer and I underneath the Three Arches instead :-)

But as soon as I got back out of Roy's earshot, it's back to
ISENs, my dear. ISEN here, ISEN there, everywhere an ISEN...

And I even got an hour of sleep in this morning to make up for the
weekend straight up at Higher Grounds and Norm's at all hours....

Unfortunately, the talk went well today. As usual, Adam will continue
to insist I'm some sort of perfectionist freak because I alone am
bitterly disappointed by his straightforward readthrough of 47 slides
in 36 minutes. I have standards, dammit, even without an RFC to my

> Newport Beach was crowded, even at 9 pm, but real pleasant. Great

How so? The wriggling scrawny critters passing for fish pleading for
their lives on what's left of the pier? It very well ought to be
crowded on a Saturday in high season right after the sun sets and
the heat breaks. It's the precise moment losers can slink out amidst
the silica and peep longingly at the banal intimacy of plebes' daily
lies. Er, lives.

> reception on the cell phone, even in the sand.

Of course. It's only near Roy's home, amidst the picture windows
cheek-by-jowl, that the signal caroms off into a
pachinko-land. Beaches have actually been very good for catching up on
work. I got a good forty-five minutes of social calls done on the
beach; get me my Powerbook and a keyboard condom and 110V power from
seawater and I'd never leave.

> Too bad I had to catch a flight out at 10:00 but thank god for
> frequent flier miles.

The redeye back east -- within an hour, starting from NB? Wow!
Because your story surely doesn't hang together out of SNA, since
the wealthy-district-driven-half-capacity-cap rules out transcon
(heavyweight) service after dusk.

But one can always sleep well on the miles. Until, far in the future,
there are but too many. Myself, I can look only upon my three-quarters
of a million and weep. Can't use the damn shekels for naught but an
ultraluxe lifetime adventure... for 2 :-(

> Geege


(after all, what is the properly absurd response to this call? Poutine!?)

> BTW - the veggies tasted sandy.

My, what great big eyes you have, Granma! They look like KH-11s!

Little Red Riding Rohit

Hi Greg!