Re: [QUERY] Lowball PC

George X Torres (the_rack@MIT.EDU)
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 01:53:39 EDT

If you want to go mail order, with a small bit of hassle, check out
Price Watch:

I find that there search engine usually has the lowest or nearly lowest
prices on the web, and is a well organized site to boot. And if you are
thinking Pentium II, I would wait for until at least 26 July after the shock
waves following this little release die out:

The 450's are coming. Oh yes, they are coming. Dropping the street price of
a pII 400 OEM to ~$500, in my estimation (at least that's when I will pick one
up for my system that I am currently building). Enough chat. I have too see
if I can beat $135 each for the two Diamond Monster 3d II 8 meg cards I am
getting (after $50 mail in rebate... floating out cash.... grrrrr).