RE: Amazon account update.

CobraBoy! (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 20:09:27 -0700

At 7:49 PM -0700 6/26/98, I Find Karma came up with this:

> This is unrelated, but I don't know why people say Red-Vest is
> filled with marriage material. I spent four hours there yesterday
> in the cafeteria with a friend from The Company Formerly Known as
> Firefly, so I saw EVERYTHING. Nothing even vaguely marriage material,
> which means I get no referrals from that place and I'm still in the hole
> for nine sets of digits. If anyone has any leads on any single women in
> the Seattle area, send me email so I can undo my obligation.

I was in Seattle. Lot's of big hairy women wearing plaid cranked out of
their minds on Starbucks.

OC it ain't.



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