Re: [NYT] First public mention of ad-filtering proxies

Keith Dawson (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 14:56:59 -0400 (EDT)

>Yet old photos confirm that the left
>field wall, a/k/a the "green monster", wasn't always
>green --- in the '30s, it was covered with billboards).

I once browsed old telephone directories, circa 1890, in
a used bookstore in Portsmouth NH. Advertising covered all
four margins on every page. Privileged advertisers had
spent big bucks, presumably, to secure the space on the
outside edges -- yep, three ads on the three trimmed edges
of the book.

We usually think of the 1920s as the golden era of adver-
tising, but this country was awash in it throughout the
19th century.
Keith Dawson
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