Re: On Godwin's Law

CobraBoy (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 14:35:33 -0800

Lloyd Wood sometime around 1:41 PM -0800 on 3/16/98, provided this:

> Feel free to disagree with and misquote me, since it's pretty obvious
> from the corollary I've just inferred that you'll be completely wrong,
> and since you're going to do that anyway I may as well give you
> permission to go ahead and make fools of yourselves. You're just
> victims of an adaptive meme; you're paralysed by peer pressure, you're
> mere victims of what you think you know; you're mesmerised by a
> mutated meme.
> See if I care. I'm off to write a book and I'll have the last laugh.
> History will remember my words; it won't remember usenet's.
> Overall, this seems pretty straightforward to me. Any questions?

Yeah, since you are a stickler for accuracy please clarify the following.

In America when discussing your replies one would say, "yeah, what an
obnoxious >dickhead<."

However since you are in the U.K. American slang wouldn't apply. Not to
mention the possibility that what was mentioned in the above conversation
might drift back to you eliciting another 10K response. So, what *would* be
the proper term?



thnx in advance.



You must always change the way it is, to have it the way you want.

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