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Tom Whore (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 18:27:45 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, David Crook wrote:
--]Funny, the people who make C compilers don't seem to have that quandary. I
--]think it encourages people to learn proper coding faster. Now perl on the
--]other hand is more lenient and lots of people never learn how to write
--]proper programs in perl which is a lot different than learning how to write
--]working perl programs. Just ask the poor slob that has to maintain them

Lots of what is being done on the webis not Programming, or anything
aproaching it. Its mostly just page layout. The main goal is to be
productive, which may or may not mean being good at what you do in detail,
but more has to do with getting done what needs to be done, by any means.

--]If you don't force them to learn, they aren't. So we are going to be stuck
--]with bloated browsers because to many people are to clue-impaired to
--]recognize the </td> tag that just bit them. It validates my basic
--]elitist-misanthropic philosophy.

While not as elitist or misanthropic as you may be, Yes i aggree with
thepremiss. But the real world rollson, and id rather something,
somewhere, be aware of it for me so I dont see "page broken" screesn, and
more importantly the consumers of the sites dont see it.

At this point we break down singing "why cant the english teach thier
children to speak" and then stop over for tea and crumpets.

--]Now when I write perl programs with all the variables and comments written
--]in Klingon, Latin or Sanskrit, its because I'm an evil bastard, not because
--]I'm a poor programmer.

Yingti iddlei poe

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