Re: CORBA and COM just don't mix

Yobie Benjamin (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 12:41:24 -0700

Joseph R. Kiniry wrote:
> Yobie Benjamin writes:
> > I'm not sure if great software is always a necessity. Intuit's Quicken
> > is fundamentally a calculator but I find it better than writing my own
> > <sic> Excel macros to do my books. Software (...even one poorly written
> > algorithms) that solves _real_ problems for people is far more powerful
> > than programmatically elegant shit.
> well, certainly from financiers, executives, managers, and m$'s point
> of view, great software is not a necessity. in fact, they don't care
> about the technology _at all_. all they care is that the problem is
> sort-of solved, most of the time, and looks pretty.
> fuck that.
> who's with me?! talk about a coup! one well-placed mini-nuke...

Don't get me wrong Joe... elegant software is good, in fact - very good
but the issue is - what problem it was intended to solve. I care deeply
about technology but I also care about solving, I mean really solving

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