Re: CORBA and COM just don't mix

Joseph R. Kiniry (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 23:27:54 -0700 (PDT)

Yobie Benjamin writes:
> Hah... I think there's only one "good" book on Java... "Java in a
> Nutshell" and it is not 800 pages!

i'm sorry yobie, but even though david is a friend of mary's and all,
it is by far the best book on java. in fact, it's not even in our top
five, and we've looked at probably 30.

oh, and it's not 800 pages because it only talks about the very core
of java. to write a real application you need a whole lot more...

of course, you need a whole lot more than java has _got_.

> Seriously. I have 4 Java applications (NOT bonehead applets) and I am
> doing some major head banging trying to optimize them with no great
> success. Damn browser based JIT/JVMs from Symantec, Borland, Apple and
> M$ are _all_ shitty. As far as Sun is concerned, show me the JIT/JVM!
> As JoeK said once to me, Java is great but... (JoeK, fill in the
> blanks...)

um...i'm at a loss.

perhaps "... i could write a fuckin financial distributed system in
lisp if i had to..."?

or was it "... a programmer is only as good as his tool..."?

maybe, "... it's not the _name_ of the tool that counts, it's how you
_use_ it..."?

oh, no, it was "... ML is BETTER!" (tee hee - hi ron!)

ah, yes, that's it:
"... why hello there! those are _nice_ shoes! can i buy you a drink?"

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