Re: CORBA and COM just don't mix

Joseph R. Kiniry (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 23:31:32 -0700 (PDT)

Seth Golub writes:
> Yobie Benjamin <> writes:
> > Damn browser based JIT/JVMs from Symantec, Borland, Apple and M$ are
> > _all_ shitty.
> Have you tried IBM's? VisualAge -- the version for Java just came out
> recently. I use the Smalltalk VisualAge for work. I have complaints
> about the interface, but it has some great features.

as much as i'd love to love it, i can't take any tool seriously that,
get this, can't install on partition larger than 2gb. true story. we
tried, it died, we called, they said "we'll look into it", they
called, they said "yup, its a bug in the installer", we said
"and....?", they said "repartition your hard drive", we said "fuck
you, idiot.".

end of story.

so, now two versions later, the bug is still there and we can't even
look at it. fuck that. how's that for technology that helps _people_?