Re: Welcome, Hokkun Pang!

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Wed, 18 Jun 1997 14:56:35 -0700

Rohit Khare at 2:33 PM -0700 on 6/18/97, came up with this:

> Welcome! Read the FAQ, grab a chair and settle in... perhaps we'll even have
> a non-virtual beer together soon!
> Rohit

> if we haven't been friends long enough, lets this be the first day :-)
> i found your group by accident while browsing the 'net. i like the
> discussions you guys are having so i've ventured to join.
> i work in boston at fidelity investments as a programmer.

Hello Hokkem!

As you might have noticed if you read the FAQ, part of my job here on FoRK
is to relate various sundry experiences from my life to the readers of
FoRK. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. However, as with anything
the zest to expand those experiences has bitten. I, no we, are limited by
the cost of really expanding those experiences to world class status. So if
you would be so kind to the other users of FoRK to divert upwards of 20
million to yours truly, you will be insuring yourself and the rest of FoRK
of years of vicarious thrills.

Swap those digits around and send it on to

Mucho Buck-ola to CobraBoy!
Adam Rifkin

Adam has the official duties on this project and I would never go around
one of my people.



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