Re: lunch

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 21:10:29 -0400 (EDT)

> You didn't put my comment in the right context, as you had just referred
> to yourself as an engineer.
> >If we're lucky, you
> >may get to meet my boss, John Klensin, who's an act unto himself. Great
> >oral history of the Net he's got stashed away... You probably know my
> >uber-boss, Vint Cerf, but he's in Reston -- we're the only two engineers
> >in Boston.

Ahhh.. mea culpa: I thought it was just the Power Schmoozing :-)

> Also, can you explain this quote:
> MS Outlook isn't smart enough to recognize URLs that begin URL:http://
> so Keith's usage annoys me, whether it's correct or not. But is it
> correct? The issue can't just be URLs vs. URNs and other URIs as it
> should be obvious that any URN scheme has to avoid clobbering the URL
> namespace.
> - dan

You hit the nail on the head. Connolly says that UR*'s are all the same;
I agree: a name is a location with a social contract behind it. So besides
being ugly and clogging UR* parsers, it encourages a false dichotomy.


PS. Using a Kleene star in conversation is prime tweak behavior