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Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 18:18:02 PDT

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> > Related note is that I'm reading a novel about wild machine
> > out to
> > exterminate humanity. Interesting thing is that it takes place in the
> > Century.
> Hm, what is the name of it? I was just talking to someone about the same
> book not long ago, I think.

It's _Ash: Or the Secret History_ by Mary Gentle. It's published as four
here in the states. I got mine from the UK where it's a mammoth,
trade paperback.

I also recommend her _Rats and Gargoyles_, which is another fun filled romp
through a world where the elder gods have decided to put the smackdown on
Oh, and there's five, yes five, compass directions.

-- whump (kill them all, let B-tree sort them out)

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