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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 02:05:37 PDT

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000 wrote:

--]Nope. You're still missing it. Noone ever said to kill off the whole
--]species. "Paranoia will destroy ya."

Sketch out if you will how you will plan for an earth without humans?

--]In case you haven't noticed, humans are the only ones from "our source"
--]which have manipulated "our source" in such ways that are detrimental to
--]our survival here.

You mena no other species has hunted out its food source and left it self
to wither and nearly die off? You mean no other plant, viri or animal has
done things to lessen its survivability?

Aint buying it cause there plnty of examples of all of the above. Humans
are just a bit more egotiscal.

--]Again, noone said anything about killing everyone off. Get off that horse
--]man, it's dead.

There you go killing things again....what did the poor horsies ever do to

--]Our history is also that we have killed millions of people for stupid
--]reasons, poisoned our children, watched from comfy windows while others
--]starved, etc. Let's see, what can I learn from that?

That even through all that the spark of enlightment, of many enlightments,
lives on? UNless of course your giving up.

--] Maybe you are
--]living in some magical land where everything is hunkey dorey -- the water
--]is safe to drink, your kids can go out and play any time they want without
--]danger from other humans, and you can comfortably breathe and believe that
--]the air is fresh, but I bet the rent is damned high. Noone else can seem
--]to afford to be able to find the place, much less afford it.

Portlands not a bad place to start. The rent is much cheaper than other
places I have lived and the quality of living way higher. Not that its
utopia, no place is, but as Milton said "The mind is its own place and
intself can make a Heven of Hell and a Hell of Heven"

So how you make your place is more to the point. You want to toss the
towel in becuase of all the hellishness then your world is a more a hell
then a heven. Im choising to make hell more of heven.

--]And you'd be wrong. As I keep having to tell you, I'm not for
--]acceleration of it, but I can imagine it, and I can enjoy doing so.

NIce past time, and they sayplaying Doom is bad for ya:)-

--]> "dont dream it, be it"
--]Okay, well I'm glad to see you got my point, despite all the other things
--]that you read that I never typed. (:

SO youll take the one point of many :)- Nope, its part and parcel,
interconneectedness and all that. IN for a penny in for a pound.

    [---=== WSMF ----]

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