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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 13:26:00 PDT

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Jeff (harry browne)Bone wrote:

--]While I agree (Harry Browne) with YZ's choice (Harry Browne) of candidate (Harry
--]> Clinton/Gore's general sorry handling of
--]> economic affairs.
--]this unfact keeps floating up and just won't stay dead. We've just experienced
--]the longest sustained period of ecnomic growth in US history, right? While I
--]won't lay credit to C/G for that, at least they didn't screw it up royally...

Geological and Econmonical, politicians need to take the credit or lay the
blame for everything.

Its often said the the presidnet can do little more than stop progress of
economic growth. Given the history of the nation it seems that the
president plays eighth fiddle to the Treasury(Greenspanism),the
Legislature, the corporate loby groups, labor, etc etc.

Now the issue of Harry Browne has come up a few times. Its an interesting
one. He has the right ideas even though he has the wrong personal veiws ,
imho, on many things. But given his stance its ok to disagreebecause the
system of his message is to shrink the policy wonks, fed gov, and large
buerocracies to the point that you can disagree with the person in office
while not having to worry they will be able to control every aspect of
your life (abortion, censorship, encryption, games and movie vionece, gun
regulations, taking your money away (taxation without representation
(subtext to that is taxation without Accountable representation)) etc etc)

I suggest the two party wonks get thioer heads out of thier shit encrusted
anuses and look to see the alternatives to eating shit and decalring
"hmmmmmm my oh my this is some mighty fine tasting shit I have to eat"

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