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From: Adam Rifkin (
Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 23:31:41 PDT

What a beautiful animation... click on "see how it works"...

This looks like an incredibly smart TCP adaptor. Anyone else know
anything about this product and company besides what's at the website?

> IntroductFirst Web Server Accelerator Employing MassTransTM Technology
> Velobahn Features...
> Technical Specification
> Increases Web server capacity up to 4x
> Speeds server response by more than 100 times
> Transparently integrates into existing Web servers
> Saves valuable data center rack space
> Enhances end-use
> Increase Your Server Capacity
> Employing Akamba's MassTrans technology, Velobahn offloads tasks
> associated with client/server connections from the host system enabling
> the server to handle more HTTP requests. Velobahn overcomes the
> performance bottleneck of traditional servers while offering greater
> headroom for peak load handling. Velobahn increases server capacity
> up to 4x.
> Optimize Your Server Efficiency
> By freeing Web servers from CPU draining bookkeeping burdens, Velobahn
> allows Web servers to operate more like they would in a high-throughput
> LAN environment, relieving servers from handling poor data transfer
> rates, retransmissions and error correction. In turn, servers can
> handle more transactions per second and reduce the time needed to
> manage a client request. Velobahn speeds up server response by more
> than 100 times.
> Enhance Your End-User Experience
> Velobahn enables client classes of all types - wireless, modems, DSL,
> and corporate LANs - to connect more readily and enjoy faster
> response time with less chances of disconnecting in a session.
> Lower Your Networking Infrastructure Investment
> Velobahn is offered in a standard PCI short card form factor with
> Ethernet connectivity and is designed to install transparently into your
> existing servers. Velobahn makes it possible to deliver more Web
> connections without having to purchase more servers. Fewer servers
> means less front-end networking equipment and expensive data center
> space - dramatically improving your bottom line. Velobahn's unique
> and revolutionary approach to expanding your server makes it the
> ideal high-demand Web

See also:

> What effect will the Velobahn accelerator have on my site?
> Your site will handle as much as four times the HTTP transaction load
> with the same or better response time and without any other changes to
> your existing front-end servers. Heavily loaded sites will see dramatic
> decreases in response time as the front-end servers rapidly and
> efficiently process user requests. The Tolly Group, an independent test
> lab, has verified the performance of the Velobahn accelerator.
> Does the Velobahn accelerator require changes to my current site
> architecture or site content?
> No. The Velobahn accelerator is network-transparent and requires no
> changes to site content, site layout, re-cabling, or re-configuration of
> your existing network infrastructure. The Velobahn accelerator
> complements your existing site infrastructure. Load balancing systems,
> load distribution systems, and caching or reverse proxy servers will
> continue to provide the same benefits for your site.
> Does the Velobahn accelerator require any changes to client-side
> browsers or HTTP proxies?
> No. The Velobahn accelerator is a single-ended solution that is
> transparent to clients. It requires no URL re-direction or IP address
> changes. It works with all HTTP standards-compliant browsers and
> proxies.
> Will my current HTTP logging and reporting tools work with the Velobahn
> accelerator?
> Yes. The Velobahn accelerator is transparent for purposes of logging,
> cookie verification, or any other standard form of user validation and
> verification. All of your existing tools will continue to work just as
> they do now.


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