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Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 11:18:03 PST

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 Remember, in 1960, Nixon and Eisenhower decided together not to pursue
 fraud investigations into Cook County IL because the recount (it was
 claimed) would take a year. Tables were reversed then, and the dead
 voted early, and often. >>

it's not about fraud this time, just mistakes or problems that can be
remedied -as they already have been in other counties: writing in voter
registration numbers on absentee ballot requests or overlooking late
postmarks on absentee ballot returns. the repubs describe their acts as
"helping votes get counted" but those of the democrats are "acts of

i have one thing to say about that: since when does a potential for mischief
carry more weight than actual mischief? if the repubs want to say "sorry,
them's the rules, voter error, too bad" then they need to apply that standard
to the mistakes their own voters made, whether it be tardiness or failure to
provide information. speaking the obvious here, guys. i hope the repubs will
set the one legal precedent by which bush will lose - that would be poetic

i know our buds at snl are hot for a bush win, but ratings aren't everything.


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