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Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 04:09:46 PST

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<< There is the oft repeated charge by minorities that the police, and the
 discriminate. There's profiling, beating, shooting, the drug laws, etc.
 And then there is the 2:1 ratio of republican to democratic voting amongst
 members in these organizations, way off from the 1:1 amongst regular folk.
 So, is there a correlation here? >>

i think there is a danger in inferring that republicans discriminate against
minorities on a 2:1 ratio based on those stats alone.

we all know it's more like 4:1. (kidding!)

i think most republicans readily accept that the "liberal" social programs of
the last 30 years have engendered more social ills than they have eliminated,
but they don't seem to easily conceive what the world would have been like
without them.

this would be the ideal point for someone who doesn't have to run off to work
(or who can post from work) to introduce what w's proposed era of
"compassionate conservativism" might usher in . . .


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