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From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 08:14:03 PST

> > members in these organizations, way off from the 1:1 amongst regular folk.
> > So, is there a correlation here? >>
> > i think there is a danger in inferring that republicans discriminate against
> > minorities on a 2:1 ratio based on those stats alone.
No No, no claim that republicans dicriminate 2:1 based on this stats.
> I agree with Geege, there's serious danger. First, the claims are shaky;
> second, the inference is irresponsible. It sounds like "The Bell Curve"

The point is a bit overstated, as a rhetorical way of asking a question. ..
Given that even white males are split only 54:46 in favour of Bush amonst
those who voted for either, 66 to 33 as evidenced by absentees, fraternal
order endorsements, etc seems a bit high..

> with a different slant. Why infer that Republicans are racists? Why not
There is no such inference, but a perception that a racist is more likely
to vote republican rather than a democrat. A black is more likely to vote
democrat. So is a hispanic, unless he or she is cuban. So is someone who is gay.
There is a map available which shows some of these patterns quite clearly,
particularly in the south..I'll dig it up..

So, based on the 'fact' that minorities of all sorts dont vote republican,
there is a perception(true or false) that there is a very real reason for it,
a bias against minorities, race, religious, or sexual preference. This perception
is particularly strong where I come from, Philadelphia city(And I stay in the city, not in the suburbs.)

Now leaving aside the probability that this is a whole media conspiracy to
malign the right,, such large scale perceptions do have reasons.
> just infer that the "law and order" parts of the republican pitch appeal
> more strongly to law enforcement personnel, and the patriotic war hawk
> jingoism tends to go a long way with soldiers?
By a draft dodger? Bush won more military votes in Florida than a war
hero like Dole did in the last election, leading one to believe that its
more a case of having a republican in office rather than any patriotic stuff

I accept that there is such a perception against the dems, and that it may
be responsible for most of the military vote for republicans. But keep in
mind that the military and police have historically been the last bastions
against minorities, whether its
been blacks (as we have seen in the 60's), women(tailhook, womens service),
or gays( as seen in the 90's).

I do believe that the question I asked is worth asking though, even at the risk
of being divisive. There is real discomfort with traditional authority in the
inner city, and there may well be a correlation between that and the party lines
of voting.

Lets ask another question, where does the perception that dems are weak
on law enforcement and military come from?

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