Re: What, no Emergency Fabulizing in Seattle? !

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From: Karee Swift (
Date: Sat Dec 16 2000 - 01:12:37 PST

--- In, Mike Masnick <mike@t...> wrote:
Speaking as a relatively geek girl --

You forgot the ever present 'zoning technique' during games, quake,
and meetings:) an always useful, helpful and easy way to get out of
most social situations and to truly show the geek :)

BAh.. you're lucky this was a parody, else i'd have to smack you.


> Okay. Don't ask me about the series of events that caused me to go
out and
> create this, but I couldn't resist:
> Because, let's face it, what we need are more geeky girls, rather
than more
> hip urban dudes.
> Feel free to send me your thoughts on how to improve the text. Of
> just as I launched this I've noticed that Christie has updated her
> Damn. I'm going to have to keep up.
> -Mike
> At 08:28 AM 11/15/00 -0800, Rohit Khare wrote:
> >Trippy, definitely visit the animated site. Needs a klaxon in the
bgsound :-)
> >
> > -- thx to JeffBarr's blog...
> >
> >============================================================
> >
> >Cool chicks will take you shopping, pick out your clothes, and
> >discuss the ins and outs of this city with you. What kinds of
> >do you want to meet? What kind of music do you like? We'll guide
> >into the inner bowels of s.f. nightlife - we've been here for
> >and we know what's up, and we want to help you. There's a shortage
> >hip boys for urban chicks to date, so we're actively seeking to
> >this painful process along.
> >
> >Here's the deal, you commit to spending seven hundred dollars of
> >money on clothes and shoes for yourself. You pay us three hundred
> >dollars. We'll help you choose your look , find your scene, and
> >develope your style. You'll have an insiders view of this city,
> >boosted self confidence, and a great time with a girl you can
> >question on the sly. Additional services include booking hair
> >appointments, massage therapy, manicures,etc., and help with
> >furniture shopping for your pad.
> >
> >Call Christie for an appointment
> >(415) 861-6250
> >
> >Expect a nominal amount for cabs as well...See you on the streets.
> >
> >Christie has massaged techies in this city for over seven years.
> >has done nightlife photography and listings for three magazines
> >enjoys motorcycle riding .Her crew of shoppers are young,
> >and feirce. Come play with us!!!
> >
> >Drop a grand on your image, and pet the pelts of possibility!
> >

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