Re: Another Darwin Award nomination???

Charles Kerr (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:33:00 -0600

Feh. If he's not pushing up daisies, he doesn't deserve
the award. Nowadays it seems like anyone fit to show up
in News of the Weird gets nominated. This is all the the
fault of the guy in the lawnchair who won awhile back. :)


> You decide. True story in the news this morning.
> *** Miami man learns how not to rob a bank
> Miami Beach resident Todd Boucino learned a few lessons Wednesday
> about the art of robbing a bank. Don't hail a taxi to make your
> getaway. And don't pick a bank a block from local police
> headquarters. Boucino was arrested by police after allegedly bungling
> an attempt at robbing a NationsBank branch on Miami Beach's
> Washington Ave. A police spokesman said Boucino walked into the bank,
> located down the road from the precinct station, and told a teller
> "give me all the money." The teller fled and Boucino, who simulated
> having a concealed gun, helped himself to the cash. See
> Clover Hodgson
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