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How-To-REM wrote:

> Oregon is one of the first places in the country where you can vote from
> home and then legaly kill yourself there afterwards.

In Cook County you can continue to vote after death, of course. But in LA
County, you can even vote for yourself, and come close to being reelected.

Dead sheriff wins one-third of votes

By Mark Egan

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In a bizarre election Sherman Block secured one
third of votes for the office of Los Angeles County sheriff even though
he died last week.

Block, who served as sheriff for the past 17 years and was aiming for his
fifth term, was left on the ballot as his dying wish. His death at age 74
from a brain hemorrhage last Thursday meant there was not enough time for a
replacement to be placed on the ballot.

Block even managed to cast a vote for himself before his death, using an
absentee ballot.


I thought Halloween was over.