Death of Mac cloners greatly exaggerated

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (ernest@pundit)
Fri, 5 Sep 97 16:44:30 -0700

Hmm, apparently some of the bottom feeders might be able to survive
after all.

If this pans out, it should be pretty easy to get Apple to license
Rhapsody for PCs (Intel), since it'll have a high price point and be a
very different market.

-- Ernie P.

Begin forwarded message:

> ---For Immediate Release--
> PowerTools first MacOS cloners to ship MacOS 8.0
> PowerTools announced today that they will be the first Mac clone
> vendor to ship MacOS 8.0. Beginning on September 8, 1997, PowerTools
> will include MacOS 8.0 with every infiniti T2 MacOS clone that
> it ships. Each infiniti T2 will also have a full 1 year on-site
> warranty provided by a national third party service provider and
> free (800) technical support.
> The standard configuration for the newly released infiniti T2
> systems is as follows:
> 604e/200MHz PPC, 50Mhz Bus, Mini-Tower, 5 PCI, 8 Drive bays, 3D
> graphics 32MB/3.2GB/16x/512k/2vram/4MB video card/video in-out/TV
> tuner/KB/MacOS8.0/1 yr.-on-site
> Price.....$2,279
> This is in response to the current changes by Apple concerning
> the licensing of MacOS 8. 3Although the price for the infiniti
> T2 is slightly higher,2 says Victor Wong, CEO of PowerTools,2we
> feel that it is necessary to provide the latest version of the
> MacOS for our valued customers. If along the way it helps to make
> Apple profitable once again, then to us it is a win-win situation.
> However, we are providing much more value than the bump in price
> for MacOS 8.0, we are guaranteeing that your new computer will
> have solid service and technical support. 3
> Due to the questions that are now circulating concerning MacOS
> licensing, these additional assurances are necessary. 3PowerTools
> still retains every single license that it had when it started.
> We are still shipping, we are still developing new systems, and
> our contract says that we have at least four more years to do
> so.2 states Wong, 3We1re already planning our New Years Party
> for the year 2000.2
> Although many think that MacOS licensing may be over, Wong states
> the following, 3Apple has said that MacOS licensing is not over,
> it just has to be different. This is a game and the rules change
> from time to time. It may not always be fair, but you have to
> change with it. You cannot fight against the ocean tides, but
> you can learn to swim with dignity. We1ve got our swimming shorts
> on.2
> Contact:
> Victor Wong
> CEO, PowerTools
> 4544 S. Lamar Blvd. Suite 101
> Austin, Texas 78745
> United States, Planet Earth
> Tel: 512-891-0646 ext. 360
> Fax: 512-476-6399
> url: