Um, I just found this gem.

I Find Karma (
Sat, 10 Feb 96 01:32:57 PST

Very old bits... pre-FoRK

> From Tue Dec 19 21:23:34 1995
> To: (Adam Rifkin),,
> Subject: Wow! My linkbase *could* make money, after all...
> Found on:
> News Services You Have to Pay to Use
> Information providers...
> * DejaNews - for Usenet searching
> * Farcast
> * Infoseek
> * Khare's LinkBase
> * Knowledge One
> * Newspage

Okay, in case you didn't realize, this person essentially plagiarized my
"links to check everyday" page -

In it, I put Rohit's LinkBase as a News Service You Have to Pay to Use.
Because from my perspective, I *do* pay to use it. I contribute many
anti-cluons for the privilege of calling myself a FoRK.

Anyway, I wonder how much rampant plagiarism like this happens on the Net.
And why would this person steal my page rather than just link to my
page? Because now, in addition to containing dead relative links, their
version of my page is way out of date.

Frightening when someone has to turn to me for bits. What's that
called, bottom feeding?

;) Adam